Mushrooms and Their Healing Benefits

 Image courtesy of: Four Sigmatic

Image courtesy of: Four Sigmatic

It’s that time of the year, like every other time of the year, that we should strive to be healthier, fitter and more caring. In this post, you will learn some of the healing benefits of the mushrooms, especially the medicinal mushrooms. I was recently exposed to these "magical" shrooms by one of my favorite people, Ben Greenfield. After that I watched a webinar by Lari from Four Sigmatic, which is a great company that has quality products that helps you include these awesome mushrooms into your daily diet. Without further ado, I’d like to introduce some of the healing benefits. So let’s get to it…

Chaga: also known as the king of mushrooms, Chaga is a great anti-oxidant. 1-2 grams of Chaga has as much anti-oxidant as 1 liter of blueberry does according to Lari. A quality Chaga extract or powder is pitch black, so be careful while using it especially while you’re wearing something white. It’s a great immune modulator, in other words it’s great for your immune system. For the folks up in the northern hemisphere, we are in winter, so Chaga mushroom will be a great add to your diet to keep you healthy. I use Chaga in the mornings as a superfood.

Reishi: also known as the queen of mushrooms, Reishi has more than 2000 years of recorded use. This adaptogenic mushroom has a bitter taste and tons of terpenes in it. It’s a great stress reducer that helps you to get a quality night of sleep. I sometimes use it after intense workouts to reduce cortisol and help me recover.

Cordyceps: this mushroom is a great addition for people who like aerobic exercise such as biking, hiking, running etc. When used prior to your workout and on a daily basis, Cordyceps increase oxygen intake which helps you to get better bang for your buck during the exercise. It’s also non-stimulant and it’s fairly energizing. I use Cordyceps along with some coffee before I play basketball or when I feel crazy enough for an aerobic session :)

Lion’s Mane: this mushroom is a nervous system regenerator. It improves focus by increasing the blood circulation to your brain. I believe it also releases NGF (nerve growth factor) and it’s a proven way for cognitive enhancement. There is podcast called Smart Drug Smarts which is one of my favorite that I subscribed and they have a whole episode on this. Here is the link:

Shiitake: this mushroom is great for supporting the liver and it has anti-cancer effects, especially on the liver.

Tremella: this mushroom is really good for your skin by improving collagen production

Mesima: especially good for the ladies. It’s used for breast health and breast cancer

Maitake: this mushroom when used with ginger and holy basil, it supports digestion and improves the symptoms of bloating

Turkey Tail: This one has the potential to be my favorite as I’m from Turkey. Just kidding… Turkey Tail can be found almost everywhere and it’s used for cancer treatments

Agarikon: this type of mushroom is an immune enhancer.

I’m fairly new to medicinal mushrooms, but I’m really glad that I came across them. Four Sigmatic is where you can start. They do double (water and alcohol) extractions so you get all the goodness that these mushrooms have to offer. Just like everything else, selecting which products to buy from which company is important. So please don’t buy the super cheap extracts as they are most likely grown the wrong way and contain a lot of starch instead of these healing benefits. That is why I use Four Sigmatic products and you can check them out by clicking the link below and use the promo code: balabanmb for 15% off your purchase: